Video of 'Social Interaction Design for Augmented Reality' from TWAB 2010

The good people at Chi Netherlands just posted video of my talk "Playing Well With Others: Interaction Design and Social Design for Augmented Reality" at the Web and Beyond 2010 here in Amsterdam in June.  It's couched as a collection of design principles for the oncoming category of social augmented interactions made possible by the new medium of augmented reality.  But this talk is also a call to action for all makers of experiences for the emerging engagement space of everyware to focus on the human and the humane perspectives as we explore the new interactions made possible.

The outline of the talk is roughly:

  1. Overview of augmented reality
  2. Social interaction perspective on current AR experiences
  3. Definition of 'social augmented experiences'
  4. Common interaction design patterns for AR
  5. Social 'anti-patterns' limiting design of augmented experiences
  6. Design principles for social augmented experiences

(The audio quality is quite good, and the cameraman captured most of the slides nicely - so this is a recording worth watching.)

This year's TWAB featured several talks on augmented reality, ubiquitous computing and related topics; you'll find recordings of these on the Chi Nederland Vimeo channel:

Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers for putting on such a well-run event!

TWAB2010: Joe Lamantia - Playing well with others: interaction design and social design for augmented reality from Chi Nederland on Vimeo.

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