Slides for UXLX talk "The Language of Discovery: A Grammar for Designing Big Data Interactions"

I've posted the slides from my UXLX talk on the Language of Discovery. Thanks to a few days spent featured on the slideshare homepage, they've clocked over 60,000 views in the past week!  In combination with the buzz from the audience for the talk, I think this shows there is broader awareness and appetite for answers to the question of how designers will make big data accessible and 'engageable'.

From the practical perspective, if you're looking for a way to describe discovery and sense making needs and activities, there's no better resource than this.  And the LOD is well-grounded from the methodological and research perspectives, having roots in HCIR, cognitive science, and a number of other academic disciplines that contribute to the toolkit for understanding human interaction with information and discovery activity.

I hope the language of discovery is part of that bigger picture of how creators of interactions and definers of experiences shape the new tools people use in the Age of Insight.

The Language of Discovery: Designing Big Data Interactions from Joe Lamantia

Also, the Lanyrd page for the talk aggregates the slides, sketch notes, and pointers to some other resources.

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