I’m for­tu­nate to be a reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to pro­fes­sional pub­li­ca­tions on design and tech­nol­ogy, writ­ing about top­ics rang­ing from user expe­ri­ence and ubiq­ui­tous com­put­ing, to games, inno­va­tion, and management/technology strategy.

The arti­cles col­lected here rep­re­sent the major­ity of my writ­ing pub­lished online and in print.

Aca­d­e­mic papers on the lan­guage of discovery:

  • Tony Russell-Rose, Joe Laman­tia and Stephann Makri, “Defin­ing and Apply­ing a Lan­guage for Dis­cov­ery“. Springer LNCS Post-Proceedings of AMR 2012, Copenhagen.
  • Tony Russell-Rose, Joe Laman­tia & Mark Bur­rell, “A Tax­on­omy of Enter­prise Search and Dis­cov­ery“. Pro­ceed­ings of HCIR 2011, Cal­i­for­nia, USA, Octo­ber 2011
  • Tony Russell-Rose, Joe Laman­tia & Mark Bur­rell, “A Tax­on­omy of Enter­prise Search“. Pro­ceed­ings of 1st Euro­pean Work­shop on Human-Computer Infor­ma­tion Retrieval, New­cas­tle, July 2011

Book chap­ters and contributions:

Design­ing the Search Expe­ri­ence
Mod­u­lar Web Design:Creating Reusable Com­po­nents for User Expe­ri­ence Design and Documentation

My reg­u­lar col­umn “Every­ware: Design For the Ubiq­ui­tous Expe­ri­ence”, for mag­a­zine UX Matters:

First Fic­tions and the Para­ble of the Palace
A Near-Term Vision for Every­ware: Syn­thetic Serendip­ity
Design­ing Post-Humanity: Every­ware in the Far Future [quoted in Beyond the Beyond!]
Inside Out: Inter­ac­tion Design for Aug­mented Real­ity [quoted in Wired, Read/Write/Web, oth­ers!]
Anony­mous Cow­ards, Avatars, and the Zeit­geist: Per­sonal Iden­tity In Flux
Play­ing Well With Oth­ers: Design Prin­ci­ples for Social Aug­mented Experiences

On the power of games to cre­ate emo­tion in expe­ri­ences, and how expe­ri­ence design can benefit:

Learn­ing from Games: A Lan­guage for Design­ing Emo­tion — Johnny Holland

Ongo­ing arti­cles on por­tals and enter­prise appli­ca­tions, from a vari­ety of publications:

The Chal­lenge of Dash­boards and Por­tals — Boxes and Arrows
Intro­duc­tion to the Build­ing Blocks Design Frame­work, Boxes and Arrows
Build­ing Block Def­i­n­i­tions (Con­tain­ers), Boxes and Arrows
Con­nec­tors For Dash­boards and Por­tals, Boxes and Arrows
Enhanc­ing Por­tal Value and User Expe­ri­ence, Boxes and Arrows
The Build­ing Blocks of Effec­tive Por­tals, Intranets Today
Design­ing Dash­boards and Por­tals — Dash­board Insight
Cre­at­ing Suc­cess­ful Por­tals — Inter­na­tional Jour­nal of Web Portals

A series of arti­cles on the impact of social media on design, with a focus on ethics, also for UX Matters:

Social Media and the Con­flicted Future
Design­ing Eth­i­cal Expe­ri­ences: Some Prac­ti­cal Sug­ges­tions
Design­ing Eth­i­cal Expe­ri­ences: Under­stand­ing Juicy Ratio­nal­iza­tions
Improv­ing Our Eth­i­cal Choices

A series of arti­cles on tag­ging and the growth and spread of tech­nol­ogy inno­va­tions, for

The Tag­ging Hype Cycle
Is Tag­ging A Dis­rup­tive Inno­va­tion?
Three Char­ac­ter­is­tics of Dis­rup­tive Inno­va­tions
The Tag­ging Growth Curve

On being an entre­pre­neur, espe­cially the cul­ture, iden­tity, and decision-making outlook:

It Seemed Like the Thing to Do At the Time

Shar­ing a pop­u­lar tool I cre­ated for the design research method card sort­ing (tutorial):

Ana­lyz­ing Card Sort Results with a Spread­sheet Template