Strata New York Video: Designing Big Data Interactions With the Language of Discovery

I'm late to making it available here, but O'Reilly media published the video recording of my presentation on The Language of Discovery: A Toolkit For Designing Big Data Interactions from last year's (2012) Strata conference in NY.

Looking back at this, I'm happy to say that while my thinking on several of the key ideas has advanced quite a bit in the past 12 months (see our more recent materials), the core ideas and concepts remain vital.

Those are, briefly:

  • Big Data is useless unless people can engage with it effectively
  • Discovery is a critical and inadequately acknowledged aspect of sense making that is core to realizing value from Big Data
  • Discovery is literally the most important human/machine interaction in the emerging Age of Insight
  • Providing discovery capability requires understanding people's needs and goals
  • The Language of Discovery is an effective tool for understanding discovery needs and activities, and designing solutions
  • There are known patterns and structure in discovery activities that you can use to create discovery solutions

I've posted it to vimeo for easier viewing - slides are here for those who wish to follow along - enjoy!



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