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B2C or "Back to Consulting"

November 12th, 2003 — 12:29am

Talk­ing over the prospects for cur­rent and for­mer Inter­net and dot com pro­fes­sion­als over lunch one day dur­ing the sum­mer of 2002, I learned from an MBA stu­dent that in busi­ness schools the joke about B2B was that it now meant “back to bank­ing” and B2C stood for “back to con­sult­ing” — cyn­i­cal, but no doubt true.
Accord­ingly, I’m excited to be going B2C at a bou­tique con­sult­ing firm based in Cam­bridge, called net­N­u­mina. After a few years in prod­uct com­pa­nies large and small, I’m look­ing for­ward to a con­sult­ing envi­ron­ment again. This is a refrain I hear from other friends from who’ve moved into indus­tries and roles out­side con­sult­ing. Once a con­sul­tant, always a con­sul­tant?
Regard­less, large bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and finan­cial ser­vices com­pa­nies are the lion’s chare of netNumina’s clients, so I’m dou­bly excited about and look­ing for­ward to the chance to work within large and very com­pli­cated infor­ma­tion spaces.
Employ­ment prospects are a bit bet­ter now in most Inter­net related fields — despite off­shoring — and it seems that demand for Infor­ma­tion Archi­tec­ture is solid, based on my expe­ri­ence with this most recent round of free­lance con­tracts and job search­ing. This is a sign of improv­ing health and under­stand­ing in the mar­ket for IT and knowl­edge work­ers.
Why so, when other roles and titles con­tinue to fall by the way­side? Because Infor­ma­tion Archi­tec­ture is one of the few dis­ci­plines that expressly aims at mod­er­at­ing the unpleas­ant effects of the ocean of unstruc­tured data and the end­less num­ber of hap­haz­ard infor­ma­tion envi­ron­ments now envelop­ing daily life. The bio­pharma indus­try in par­tic­u­lar is expe­ri­enc­ing orga­ni­za­tional pain as a result of accu­mu­lat­ing so much data, in so many dis­parate reser­voirs, with lit­tle or no onto­log­i­cal struc­ture.
But before I start, I’m tak­ing a few weeks to travel — Ams­ter­dam, Barcelona, Iceland.

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Joe Lamantia is Available

August 26th, 2003 — 7:59pm

If you’re look­ing for an open-minded, effec­tive prob­lem solver with solid expe­ri­ence in the major realms of an inte­grated User Expe­ri­ence effort — busi­ness, tech­nol­ogy, design, user research, project man­age­ment — con­tact me (joe(at) I’m now look­ing for my next posi­tion, and inter­ested in dis­cussing full-time and con­tract oppor­tu­ni­ties.
For back­ground: I’ve just fin­ished an eigh­teen month assign­ment as on-staff Infor­ma­tion Archi­tect for Para­met­ric Tech­nol­ogy Cor­po­ra­tion (Nas­daq: PMTC) , where I focused on the strate­gic inte­gra­tion of sev­eral large web­sites and numer­ous application-based User Expe­ri­ences under a sin­gle, user-driven Infor­ma­tion Archi­tec­ture.
Broadly, my respon­si­bil­i­ties dur­ing the past two years cen­tered on defin­ing and build­ing Infor­ma­tion Archi­tec­ture and Usabil­ity pro­grams within large soft­ware com­pa­nies.
Some of my spe­cific Infor­ma­tion Archi­tec­ture respon­si­bil­i­ties at PTC included design­ing an inte­grated sys­tem of 60 mod­u­lar inter­face tem­plates and content-display objects, as well as meta-data, XML DTDs, a com­plete cat­e­go­riza­tion sys­tem, a detailed attribute tax­on­omy, data fields, and dis­play schemat­ics for a custom-built con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem dynam­i­cally serv­ing 50,000 Web pages in nine lan­guages.
While with PTC, I also started a Usabililty Pro­gram for the e-Business Group that grew to include an active com­mu­nity of three hun­dred reg­u­lar test­ing vol­un­teers, con­sis­tent field research at major indus­try trade shows and con­fer­ences, and the company’s first ded­i­cated Usabil­ity facil­ity.
In 2000 and 2001, I founded an Asia-Pacific B2B startup with a team of US and China-based part­ners. Before this, I spent six years cre­at­ing inno­v­a­tive inter­ac­tive design solu­tions for lead­ing con­sult­ing firms (Onward, CSC, Zefer) and bou­tique inter­ac­tive agen­cies (One21). Accord­ingly, I can con­tribute as both leader and team mem­ber in many busi­ness snvi­ron­ments.
In addi­tion to eight years spent archi­tect­ing and man­ag­ing large cor­po­rate sites and enter­prise appli­ca­tions as a devel­oper and designer, I have con­sid­er­able expe­ri­ence with project man­age­ment in high tech and soft­ware set­tings, strong com­mu­ni­ca­tion and con­sult­ing skills, and an entre­pre­neur­ial out­look on busi­ness analy­sis.
I’m most inter­ested in oppor­tu­nites in the User Expe­ri­ence and Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems fields, but I’m also eager to work out­side the United States and am open to posi­tions in other areas. Some fields I have expe­ri­ence in or find inter­est­ing include con­sult­ing, pub­lish­ing, enter­tain­ment, travel, gov­ern­ment, and telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions.
I’m look­ing for an envi­ron­ment that sup­ports indi­vid­ual ini­tia­tive, respects tal­ent, rewards accom­plish­ment, and encour­ages inno­va­tion across dis­ci­plines and bound­aries. I enjoy multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams, and I feel most alive when I’m trav­el­ling in a new place or new envi­ron­ment. Addi­tional inter­na­tional expe­ri­ence is one of my most impor­tant per­sonal and pro­fes­sional goals for the next sev­eral years.

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