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Search Me: Designing Information Retrieval Experiences

May 15, 2009 10:50 AM | Posted in: Enterprise , Information Architecture , User Experience (UX)

I just posted slides from my talk at the recent Enterprise Search Summit in NY "Search Me: Designing Information Retrieval Experience"

Here's the abstract from the session:

This case study reviews the methods and insights that emerged from an 18-month effort to coordinate and enhance the scattered user experiences of a suite of information retrieval tools sold as services by a major investment ratings agency. The session will share a method for understanding audience needs in diverse information access contexts; review a collection of information retrieval patterns, look at conceptual design methods for user experiences, and review a set of longer term patterns in customer behavior called lifecycles, and consider the impact of organizational and cultural factors on design decisions.

This session will presents reusable experience design tools and findings relevant for contexts such as enterprise search and information access, service design, and product and platform management.

Thanks to everyone who came by!

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