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On Modularity: "Always Look Both Ways When Componentizing the Street"

March 3, 2009 06:52 AM | Posted in: Building Blocks , User Experience (UX)

That's the title of my just-submited guest contribution to Nathan Curtis' forthcoming book "Modular Web Design." (I'm in good company; Todd Warfel and Andrew Payne are two of the other contributors.) When Modular Web Design comes out (follow on Twitter for details), you can turn directly to chapter four, 'Variations', and read my cautionary tale.

What about the rest of the book? I've seen the complete outline, and let me say that if you like modularity as much as we do and you're designing interfaces, this is the book for you. Maybe you're even working with some variation of the building blocks, or a similar design framework? And the cover features Legos!

Of course, if you *don't* like modularity, there's no need to sweat about it: the future has a place for everyone [We'll be busy playing with our Siftables]. Just don't be surprised if it turns out to be smallish, dry, and bit - uhh - box-like...

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