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Intranet Review Toolkit: Quick Heuristics Spreadsheet

December 2, 2005 12:30 AM | Posted in: Information Architecture , Intranets , Tools

Update: Version 1.1 of the Intranet Review Toolkit is available as of 03/20/2006, and now includes a summary spreadsheet.

Thanks go to James Robertson for very gently reminding me that the licensing arrangements for the Intranet Review Toolkit preclude republishing it as a summarized form, such as the spreadsheet I posted earlier today. In my enthusiasm to share a tool with the rest of the community, I didn't work through the full licensing implications...

Accordingly, I'll be removing the spreadsheet from harms way immediately, while hoping it's possible to make it available in a more legally acceptable form.

Apologies to James and the rest of the Toolkit team for any unintended harm from my oversight.

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