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The Architecture of Fun: Massively Social On-line Games

February 27, 2009 04:57 PM | Posted in: Social Media , User Experience (UX)

Here's my presentation from the Italian IA Summit on as a leading example of the next generation of Massively Social On-line Games.

As usual, I try to share some of the best thinking on these ideas; in this case I quote liberally from Nicole Lazarro. (I hope she takes this as a compliment.) Her insights into the emotional drivers for social and game experiences and the nature of cross media are - no surprise - right on, and coming true years after first publication.

Some of the more eye-opening material I discovered while looking into the design of this game / community hybrid concerns the direct connection between game mechanics (a design question), the space of possible choices for players, the emotions these choices inspire and encourage, and the resulting experience of the game environment.

From the functional to the psychological, it seems there really is an 'architecture of fun' for both games and social experiences. It is just another example of how architecture of any (and all) kinds is an enormous influencing factor on peoples' experiences.

This is the first of two parts - stay tuned for the follow-up, once we clear the disclosure question.

A slidecast will follow shortly, now that my laptop is back in working order, and I can fire up ScreenFlow.

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