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Presenting at the 2007 IA Summit in Las Vegas

January 19, 2007 03:25 PM | Posted in: Information Architecture

I'm trying something new for the 2007 IA summit - a panel! I am one of four presenters for a panel titled Lessons from Failure: or How IAs Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombs. We have a promising set of speakers: Christian Crumlish, Peter Jones, Lorelei Brown and myself.

My portion of the panel will focus on how states of mind, cultural outlooks, and unspoken assumptions about problems and their proper resolution shape responses to failure - on both small and large scales. Our goal is maximum audience participation and minimum talkingheaditis, so please don't be shy about sharing examples and joining the discussion.

Of course, we're one among many reasons to attend. Quite a few things look especially interesting on this year's schedule, including several of the pre-conference sessions that touch on rapidly evolving areas of practice such as designing for social architectures and enterprise efforts.

Hope to see you in Vegas!

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