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Designing Frameworks For Interaction and User Experience: IA Summit Workshop Presentation

April 1, 2009 06:00 AM | Posted in: Building Blocks , User Experience (UX)

I've posted my slides and materials from the Beyond Findability workshop Andrew Hinton, Livia Labate, Matthew Milan and I put on at the IA Summit in Memphis recently.

This set of materials addresses some of the most important questions for practitioners considering a framework-based approach to design: why framewarks matter for user experience and interaction design, what frameworks are useful for, and how you can work with them effectively.

Why *do* frameworks matter? As I'm arguing, look around and you'll see profound shifts changing the structural makeup of the digital environment, the contexts and boundaries of the experiences, and the role of professional designers.

For designers, very complicated and interesting problems are on the way: think of Mike Kuniavsky's work defining some of the fundamental concepts behind the 'smart things' that will inhabit this new design environment, such as information shadows and service avatars. It's plain that this world will require new tools, and I believe frameworks are part of that toolkit. (See my column Everyware: Design for the Ubiquitous Experience for ongoing perspective.)

And check out the slides for the rest of the workshop :)

Nothing better than blues, barbecue, and Building Blocks!

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