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Recent Acquisitions: The Dead Boys, Gang Starr, The Chemical Brothers

May 21, 2003 10:23 AM | Posted in: The Media Environment

It's to be expected that punk cognoscenti (and - shudder - would be punk cognoscenti...) would dissagree violently over the influences, origins, quality, relevance, and importance of almost every band that anyone else arrogating the label 'punk cognoscenti' to themselves has ever had the temerity to point to as "seminal". (A term which, by the way, may be uniquely suited to punk music by virtue of its etymology). So it's no surprise that even in a set of reviews of Young Loud and Snotty as trite as those offered by Amazon patrons, the infighting is rife and the grammar is bad. Frankly, it's amusing. After all - if you'd buy the album in the first place, would you really care what anyone else thought about it? If ever a music was tortured by its own critical and commercial success, and all the concommmittant disputational vagaries, it was punk...

Not nearly so the case with rap and hip-hop, which became wont to use material declaiming it's stars massive monetary prowess very soon after emerging from the inchoate chaos of block parties and DJ duels in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and many other places that suburban white record buyers still fear to visit. So it was without any taint of gone-rotten-anti-capitalism that I picked up Full Clip, A Decade of Gang Starr at the same moment. I gree with the review on this one - there are several juicy cuts missing, but the overall package is an excellent retrospective of what Guru and DJ Premier achieved between '89 and '99.

Lastly in the new acquisitions department, Come With Us makes the drive home from work positivley invigorating.

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