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Strata New York Video: Designing Big Data Interactions With the Language of Discovery

December 6th, 2013 — 12:41pm

I’m late to mak­ing it avail­able here, but O’Reilly media pub­lished the video record­ing of my pre­sen­ta­tion on The Lan­guage of Dis­cov­ery: A Toolkit For Design­ing Big Data Inter­ac­tions from last year’s (2012) Strata con­fer­ence in NY.

Look­ing back at this, I’m happy to say that while my think­ing on sev­eral of the key ideas has advanced quite a bit in the past 12 months (see our more recent mate­ri­als), the core ideas and con­cepts remain vital.

Those are, briefly:

  • Big Data is use­less unless peo­ple can engage with it effectively
  • Dis­cov­ery is a crit­i­cal and inad­e­quately acknowl­edged aspect of sense mak­ing that is core to real­iz­ing value from Big Data
  • Dis­cov­ery is lit­er­ally the most impor­tant human/machine inter­ac­tion in the emerg­ing Age of Insight
  • Pro­vid­ing dis­cov­ery capa­bil­ity requires under­stand­ing people’s needs and goals
  • The Lan­guage of Dis­cov­ery is an effec­tive tool for under­stand­ing dis­cov­ery needs and activ­i­ties, and design­ing solutions
  • There are known pat­terns and struc­ture in dis­cov­ery activ­i­ties that you can use to cre­ate dis­cov­ery solutions

I’ve posted it to vimeo for eas­ier view­ing — slides are here for those who wish to fol­low along - enjoy!



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