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Speaking at UX Australia on "Designing Big Data Interactions For Big Data In the Age of Insight"

June 17th, 2012 — 2:08pm

I’m speak­ing at this year’s UX Aus­tralia event in Bris­bane, pre­sent­ing a talk titled “Design­ing Big Data Inter­ac­tions For Big Data In the Age of Insight Using the Lan­guage of Dis­cov­ery “(that’s a mouth­ful…!).  The full descrip­tion of the talk is here.  The com­plete pro­gram is avail­able here, and includes a good mix of well-known UX thought lead­ers and new speakers.UX Australia Session Description

I’m look­ing for­ward to finally see­ing Aus­tralia in per­son; I was booked for the 2010 UX Aus­tralia edi­tion, but had to can­cel in order to fin­ish my move from Ams­ter­dam back to the U.S., and I’ve been bummed about miss­ing a great excuse to take a very long flight to the other side of the planet :)



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Slides for UXLX talk "The Language of Discovery: A Grammar for Designing Big Data Interactions"

June 3rd, 2012 — 12:40pm

I’ve posted the slides from my UXLX talk on the Lan­guage of Dis­cov­ery. Thanks to a few days spent fea­tured on the slideshare home­page, they’ve clocked over 60,000 views in the past week!  In com­bi­na­tion with the buzz from the audi­ence for the talk, I think this shows there is broader aware­ness and appetite for answers to the ques­tion of how design­ers will make big data acces­si­ble and ‘engageable’.

From the prac­ti­cal per­spec­tive, if you’re look­ing for a way to describe dis­cov­ery and sense mak­ing needs and activ­i­ties, there’s no bet­ter resource than this.  And the LOD is well-grounded from the method­olog­i­cal and research per­spec­tives, hav­ing roots in HCIR, cog­ni­tive sci­ence, and a num­ber of other aca­d­e­mic dis­ci­plines that con­tribute to the toolkit for under­stand­ing human inter­ac­tion with infor­ma­tion and dis­cov­ery activity.

I hope the lan­guage of dis­cov­ery is part of that big­ger pic­ture of how cre­ators of inter­ac­tions and defin­ers of expe­ri­ences shape the new tools peo­ple use in the Age of Insight.

The Lan­guage of Dis­cov­ery: Design­ing Big Data Inter­ac­tions from Joe Laman­tia

Also, the Lanyrd page for the talk aggre­gates the slides, sketch notes, and point­ers to some other resources.

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